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The top emerging CRO markets

We set out to identify countries that offer the right mix of features for outsourcing and clinical work. But rather than focus on markets with well-established CRO operations, we looked for promising, upwardly mobile countries.

UPDATED: INC picks three of its own for new C-level spots

The North Carolina CRO announced that Chief Operating Officer Jamie Macdonald will assume the role of CEO beginning next year, marking one of three C-level promotions within the company.

Study shows no difference in data quality from CROs in developing countries

While the study showed data quality from places like India, Eastern Europe and Latin America is on-par with Canada and the U.S., the study isn't perfect, ACRO admits.

ERT snags Invivodata with sights on ePRO and COA growth

Looking to keep cashing in on the growing outcomes data market, Philadelphia's ERT has acquired Invivodata. The deal will beef up ERT's electronic patient-recorded outcomes (ePRO) product portfolio as well as its reach in clinical outcome assessments (COAs).

Toshiba's latest TV ad doesn't leave ACRO laughing

ACRO is less than pleased with Toshiba, calling its latest TV ad offensive to clinical research and test subjects.

Up to $5B worth of clinical testing deemed 'unnecessary'

An 8-month-long study sponsored by Medidata Solutions has showed that up to 25% of clinical trial procedures administered to patients may be unnecessary, costing up to $5 billion of annual clinical trial costs.

CMO execs reflect on changing manufacturing front

As a Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News story reveals, they are embracing strategic partnerships and adding capabilities to their arsenal to ensure long-term success.

Pernix Therapeutics offers $4.9M for CMO Great Southern Laboratories

Once finalized, Pernix hopes the acquisition will improve its profit margins on generics, while laying the foundation for developing future over-the-counter and prescription products, according to the pharma company

Argentina growing as a CRO and outsourcing power player, study says

Valued at $49.4 million in terms of revenue in 2010 (a small but growing figure), the Argentine clinical trial market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 9% between 2010 and 2015. 

Nice Insight looks at outsourcing trends from drug developer POV

Nice Insight has released its own study showing what drug developers hope to do with their CRO and CMO partners.