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How can early-phase CROs stay afloat in a changing market?

They don't make compounds like the used to--or at least at the same rate. And with fewer and fewer early-stage molecules moving through pipelines, some discovery-focused CROs have been left in the lurch.

DIA 2013: Big or small, CROs need clout to survive

BOSTON--Walking through the annual Drug Information Association meeting, you can't miss the signs of consolidation, from the HCR tacked onto Synteract's logo to the buzz around PRA's corner of the conference when attendees found out it was soon to change hands for $1.3 billion. Read the feature >>

What's AstraZeneca looking for in a CRO?

What is AZ looking for in potential partners as it doubles down on drug development? We asked Menelas Pangalos, the company's executive vice president for innovative medicines.

The top emerging CRO markets

We set out to identify countries that offer the right mix of features for outsourcing and clinical work. But rather than focus on markets with well-established CRO operations, we looked for promising, upwardly mobile countries.

FierceCRO will return after Labor Day

Next Monday is Labor Day, marking the end of summer and a brief respite for us at FierceCRO.

FierceCRO is moving to Mondays

FierceCRO isn't going anywhere--just shifting its schedule. From here on out, you can expect the latest in contract research and manufacturing news and analysis in your inbox each Monday, starting next week.

FierceCRO's Top 5 Strategic CRO/Pharma Partnerships

Strategic partnerships have evolved and include everything, like functional service provider (FSP) outsourcing, which embraces a more specialized, individual service provider rather than a one-size-fits-all model with a full service provider. With that in mind, FierceCRO presents the Top 5 strategic CRO/Pharma partnerships in descending order.

Meet the new editor of FierceCRO

I'm Nesa Nourmohammadi, the new writer and editor for FierceCRO.

Check out the new and improved FierceCRO website

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Welcome to FierceCRO

Over the last few years, as Big Pharma has reorganized, outsourcing has become a bigger and bigger part of the biopharma world. The CRO business is undergoing a big shakeout as major players emerge