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Latest Headlines

ACRO's advisory council chimes in on Big Pharma's R&D supergroup

The Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) assembled a group of CRO leaders to advise TransCelerate BioPharma, a nonprofit group run by the biggest names in drug development.

CROs line up to advise Big Pharma's R&D think tank

The Association of Clinical Research Organizations, which represents the world's largest CROs, is putting together a sort of contractors' council to weigh in on the efforts of TransCelerate BioPharma, a nonprofit group run by the biggest names in drug development.

ACRO: Proposed Indian trial reforms are unclear

India's Central Drugs Standard Control Organization has released its proposed clinical trial reforms, and while most fall in line with industry expectations, ACRO says the suggested rules on patient compensation are vague and problematic.

Parexel chief named ACRO chairman

Parexel CEO Josef von Rickenbach will serve as chairman of industry group ACRO this year, succeeding PharmaNet CEO Jeffrey McMullen.

CROs lack oversight, report says; ACRO cries foul

The majority of Big Pharma companies use CROs to conduct clinical trials in the developing world, but very few could provide evidence that they'd ever disciplined contractors that ran afoul of ethics codes, possibly putting participants at risk, according to a study by the Access to Medicine Foundation.

U.K. wants CRO input on clinical trial reforms

The EU is looking to liberalize its clinical trial regulations to spur drug development in the Continent, and the U.K.'s Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) wants to hear from CROs and drugmakers on the proposed reforms.

ACRO decries TV portrayal of clinical trials

In a YouTube message from Vice President John Lewis, ACRO refutes what it calls "the entertainment industry's assault on medical research."

Top Emerging CRO Markets

With some insight from the Association of Clinical Research Organizations (ACRO) and CROs, such as Icon and Covance, we at FierceCRO set out to identify countries that offer the right mix of features for outsourcing and clinical work. But rather than focus on markets with well-established CRO operations, we looked for promising, upwardly mobile countries.

Europe moves toward liberalizing clinical trial rules

After 10 years of dwindling interest from medical researhcers, Europe is considering revising its rules on clinical trials. The European Commission is proposing a revision to the Clinical Trials Directive, and CRO groups have praised the idea.

Study shows no difference in data quality from CROs in developing countries

While the study showed data quality from places like India, Eastern Europe and Latin America is on-par with Canada and the U.S., the study isn't perfect, ACRO admits.