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Latest Headlines

Icon is buying Aptiv with a focus on adaptive trials

CRO giant Icon has agreed to trade $143.5 million for Aptiv Solutions, looking to complement its own technology in complex trial design and expand its presence in Japan.

Icon rolls out data visualization tech for adaptive trials

Icon, like most of the world's largest CROs, is investing in high-tech adaptive trial monitoring, and the company's latest offering allows investigators to comb through huge dumps of lab data in real time, tracking trial trends as they happen.

J&J exec prescribes adaptive approach to Alzheimer's drug development

Drugmakers have misfired way more than hit their targets in developing new drugs for complex diseases such as Alzheimer's. Dr. Michael Krams, vice president and head of the neurology franchise at Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ), suggests that part of the problem lies in the way pharma companies have designed clinical trials, according to an article from Bio-IT World.

PPD gets high-tech for adaptive trials

As clinical trials get more and more complex, Pharmaceutical Product Development has reached out to technology consultancies Tessella and Berry Consultants to use FACTS, adaptive trial software that lets study designers simulate trials in their early planning stages.

PPD secures adaptive trials software as clinical studies evolve

As drug developers seek efficient ways to study new treatments for complex disease, Pharmaceutical Product Development has tapped adaptive clinical trials software from technology consultancies Tessella and Berry Consultants.

Aptiv nails down software deal to fuel adaptive trials services

Aptiv Solutions has grabbed a key piece to the tech puzzle it has been assembling to provide drug and device developers with adaptive clinical trials. The Reston, VA-based CRO, which launched last...

Aptiv marries IT and CRO services to tackle adaptive trials market

Aptiv Solutions has struck another deal to build its technology offerings in support of complex clinical studies with adaptive designs--also known as adaptive clinical trials. The venture-backed...

Aptiv Solutions advances with CRO-software combo

Aptiv Solutions is banking on its expertise in areas such as adaptive clinical trials and software development to differentiate the Reston, VA-based CRO. Today, the company outlined its new

CRO partner choices show analytics trend

Two contract researchers are taking different collaborative approaches to separate from the CRO pack. One has chosen alignment with an adaptive trials specialist; the other, with a trial automation

Hamburg seeks something better than randomized trials for drug approvals

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg wants to strengthen "a weak link in the chain" between science and drug regulation: the plodding randomized clinical trial. She'd like to see university-based