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Latest Headlines

Charles River wraps up $179M deal for Galapagos' CRO biz

Charles River Laboratories has closed its bid for two CROs formerly owned by drug developer Galapagos, trading $179 million up front and up to $7 million down the line for Argenta and BioFocus.

Galapagos ships out its CRO biz for $179M to focus on R&D

Belgian biotech Galapagos is getting out of the CRO business, selling off its two contract units to preclinical giant Charles River Laboratories for $179 million and planning to put the proceeds into its pipeline.

Charles River snaps up Galapagos' CRO biz for $179M

Charles River Laboratories is looking to pad its preclinical prowess, inking a $179 million deal with drugmaker Galapagos for two CRO subsidiaries and a chance to expand its in vitro biology expertise.

Charles River looks to Exostar for cloud-based data platform

CRO Charles River Laboratories has selected Exostar to serve as the gatekeeper to its data, tasking the cloud-based service provider with securing its proprietary information.

Charles River amps up its biologics testing

Charles River Laboratories is kicking off an all-encompassing service that will allow its biotech and pharma clients to hand over their quality-control testing for biologics en masse, a method the preclinical CRO says can save time and money.

Charles River's turnaround pays off with a strong 2013

Charles River Laboratories has pulled off a sweeping reorganization over the past few years, and the effort returned the preclinical CRO to revenue growth in 2013, setting the stage for another jump this year.

Charles River shakes up its leadership to cut costs and boost sales

Preclinical CRO Charles River Laboratories is shuffling its high offices in an effort to better focus on efficiency, uniting its business units to slash spending and speed up growth.

Charles River recruits Sloan-Kettering CEO to bolster its science

Charles River Laboratories has convinced the CEO of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center to join its board of directors, leading a new committee to ensure the CRO stays on the cutting edge of science.

Charles River bucks trend with spike in preclinical sales

Despite ongoing slowness in the market for early-stage research, preclinical specialist Charles River Laboratories boosted its revenue and income in the third quarter, a credit to its continued cost cuts and gains in market share, the company said.

Theorem teams with Charles River on preclinical work

Theorem Clinical Research has struck a deal with Charles River Laboratories, adding the early-phase-focused CRO's capabilities to its drug development platform.