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Latest Headlines

FDA is adding inspectors in China but for now it has only 2

The FDA has been trying for several years to expand its inspection staff in China, a country that accounts for many of the active pharmaceutical ingredients used in U.S. drugs. But according to testimony in a hearing last week, the agency currently has only two drug inspectors stationed in the country.

WuXi bets on anti-counterfeiting tech with an eye on drug safety

WuXi PharmaTech, China's largest pharma outsourcing outfit, is investing in a startup that makes tiny, edible bar codes designed to prevent drug counterfeiting, planning to offer the same technology to its manufacturing customers.

Glaxo fires some China staff for malpractice amid stepped-up surveillance

With GlaxoSmithKline's China operations under investigation amid bribery allegations, the company is keeping its employees there under a more watchful eye.

Big Pharma dusts itself off in China scandal, but crackdown isn't over

Nine months after GlaxoSmithKline's bribery scandal first ignited a corruption hunt among Big Pharma companies in China, drugmakers--GSK excepted--are returning to the strong emerging-markets growth they're accustomed to in the country.

China's Dehaier Medical continues its turnaround as revenue falls

Dehaier Medical Systems' turnaround hasn't paid off yet. The Chinese medical device maker spent 2013 reorienting its business towards government procurement and sleep respiratory devices, and away from the increasingly competitive medical equipment business. Amid the refocus, annual revenue declined 21.11% to $16.86 million and net income fell to $2 million in 2013 from $3.22 million during 2012.

Bayer will spend $138M to expand its Beijing plant

China's President Xi Jinping was in Germany last week, and Bayer Healthcare presented him with a gift of sorts in honor of the visit. The German drugmaker announced it will invest €100 million to expand packaging and logistics at its plant in Beijing.

In a regulatory overhaul, Chinese authorities pass new rules governing medical devices

Medical device makers will soon face stricter regulation in China, as lawmakers passed new rules governing sales and manufacturing of medical equipment. The rules provide a major overhaul to decade-old legislation and increase punishment for the most serious corporate malpractice violations, Reuters reported.

AstraZeneca looks to China for kidney disease R&D

AstraZeneca has struck up a partnership with the Shenzhen University Health Science Center in Shanghai to collaborate on preclinical work for chronic kidney disease treatments, a growing problem among China's aging population. 

RuiYi banks $15M from A-list backers to amp up Chinese R&D

As more and more drugmakers set sights on China through partnerships and acquisitions, Sino-American biotech RuiYi is taking a more direct approach, raising $15 million in venture cash to develop novel drugs in the country, for the country.

Study: Chickens, quails are likely to blame for spread of H7N9

Scientists may have cracked the mystery of the origin of the H7N9 avian influenza, which has caused more than 375 infections and 100 deaths. A new study has found that quail and chickens are the likely sources of transmission of H7N9 influenza virus to humans.