Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Clinipace bags CRO Accovion in its latest global buyout

Serial acquirer Clinipace has bought up European CRO Accovion, striking its 6th deal in as many years as it seeks to expand its global reach.

Clinipace banks $50M to scout for more deals

CRO Clinipace, which has pulled the trigger on 5 acquisitions in as many years, raised $50 million in debt and equity to bankroll the next phase of its expansion effort.

Clinipace raises $4M after staging 5 buyouts in 5 years

North Carolina CRO Clinipace has raised $4 million, and while the company isn't disclosing why it needs the cash, the move follows years of dealmaking and could be a prelude to another buyout.

Clinipace cozies up to Karyopharm to get its pipeline moving

Clinipace has signed a far-reaching deal with biotech Karyopharm, agreeing to handle a host of studies under a preferred provider arrangement.

Clinipace signs up to get a brain-stimulating device on the U.S. market

Global CRO Clinipace has agreed to manage clinical trials for Nexstim as the Finnish devicemaker works toward FDA approval for its neurostimulation therapy.

Clinipace dives into Asia with Choice Pharma buyout

North Carolina's Clinipace is looking to scale up its global presence, buying out Hong Kong CRO Choice Pharma and planning to merge its operations into a transcontinental player.

Clinipace reaches into the north with CRO partnership

Clinipace has struck a deal with Finland's Medfiles, allowing the North Carolina CRO to offer its clients services across the Nordics and Baltic countries.

Clinipace rejiggers eClinical platform

Clinipace has revamped its eClinical data platform, TEMPO, saying its new offering rolls disparate IT applications into one, allowing clients to cut down the cost and complexity of their clinical trials.

Clinipace raises $9M to staff up after acquisition

A month after doubling in size with its buyout of Paragon Biomedical, Clinipace has raised $9 million to flesh out its workforce.

Clinipace doubles size with Paragon buyout

Clinipace has struck a deal to acquire California's Paragon Biomedical, a move the CRO says will boost its therapeutic expertise and expand its footprint around the world.