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Latest Headlines

Pharma CMO? Meet your CIO--and start working together already

Pharma marketing chiefs and IT executives are not seeing eye-to-eye, and the lack of rapport could be hampering companies looking to take advantage of new digital marketing techniques.

Meet DPx, the result of a $2.6B CMO merger

A $2.6 billion deal united contract manufacturers Patheon and DSM Pharmaceutical Products, and now the combined company has emerged to do business under the monicker DPx, expecting to bank $2 billion in revenue this year.

Patheon's deal for DSM would transform it into the second largest CMO in the world

Private investment firm JLL Partners is orchestrating a $2.6 billion merger of its Canadian contract manufacturer Patheon ($PTI) with the Netherlands-based DSM Pharmaceutical Products on the bet that the combined company will grow in a growing niche of the industry.

UPDATED: Pharma Tech adds capacity as the CMO industry heats up

Private equity investors JLL Partners put a sharp focus on the potential in the CMO industry last month when it orchestrated a $2.6 billion deal merging two contract manufacturing companies into a global operation. It also illustrated the pressure smaller players are under to beef up if they are to compete. Pharma Tech Industries (PTI) has been doing just that.

Patheon invests in U.K. plant, posts operating loss

CMO Patheon is investing in a U.K. site to increase capacity and add capabilities, including automated capsule filling. The expansion comes as Patheon prepares to merge with DSM's pharma business under the ownership of JLL Partners.

After $2.6B deal, JLL targets more CMOs

Private equity outfit JLL Partners bet big on contract manufacturing last week with its $2.6 billion deal to combine Dutch Royal DSM with its portfolio CMO Patheon, and the fund's co-founder said the company's not done yet.

Injectable drugs to drive CMO growth

The contract manufacturing market should grow to about $18.5 billion over the next several years, driven in part by a demand for injectable drugs in general and specialized cancer drugs in particular. That, at least, is the view of consultants Frost & Sullivan.

CMO Lonza lopping off hundreds of jobs

After months of regulatory woes and declining demand, Lonza is planning to cut two-thirds of its staff at a Massachusetts biologics plant, part of the CMO's overall effort to restructure and adapt to a changing market for commercial manufacturing.

AMRI working to get out from under FDA warning

After years of back-and-forth with the FDA, AMRI believes it's close to getting clear of a 2010 warning letter for its Burlington, MA, plant, completing a reinspection and preparing a final report.

Corgenix signs CMO deal with EDP Biotech

Diagnostics outfit Corgenix is upping its stake in the contract manufacturing game, inking a deal with EDP Biotech to produce a colon cancer test.