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Latest Headlines

BGI is building a huge genome database to drive drug discovery

When struggling Complete Genomics went up for sale last year, it sparked a fight between rival sequencing superpowers BGI and Illumina that touched on national security and a host of other big issues. BGI ultimately won and has now begun to outline its plans for its $119 million acquisition.

Illumina wins chance to battle Complete Genomics over patents

Illumina ($ILMN), a gene sequencer and diagnostics company, will renew a push to continue its patent fight against Complete Genomics ($GNOM).

Complete Genomics scores patent win over Illumina

Complete Genomics notched a legal victory in its patent squabble with Illumina, as a federal judge threw out 9 of Illumina's infringement claims.

China's BGI strikes deal to buy Complete Genomics for $117.6M

Complete Genomics' ($GNOM) search for strategic alternatives announced in June has led to a $117.6 million buyout deal with DNA sequencing competitor BGI. China-based BGI plans to scoop up Moutain View, CA-based Complete for $3.15 per share in cash as part of a move that would expand the company's U.S. footprint.

Complete Genomics, Ingenuity combine forces to understand genomes

As interpreting DNA sequencing data becomes a focus in biotech research, Complete Genomics ($GNOM) and Ingenuity Systems plan to roll up their technologies to provide a more complete combined service to sequencing customers.

Complete Genomics axes 55 staffers

Complete Genomics is slumping. The provider of whole genome sequencing and informatics support has decided to cut about 20% of its roster to conserve cash, and the company has hired a financial adviser to aid its hunt for "strategic alternatives."

Genetic sequencing price tag plunging

Genetic sequencing costs are dropping at an accelerated velocity, and an article by the NYT predicts that their increased affordability will finally bring personalized medicine into everyday medical care.

Complete Genomics soars after it snags sequencing deal with Mayo Clinic

Shares of Complete Genomics ($GNOM) soared some 50% at the start of the week after the Mayo Clinic announced it would use the company's sequencing services to support its personalized medicines unit.

Sequencing leaders want industry standards to govern decoded DNA

The math on sequencing's growing reach is pretty simple. In 2009, a few dozen genomes were sequenced. Last year the genes of some 1,700 people were sequenced. This year, analysts say the number will

Study aims decode baby DNA, create analysis tools

Scientists want to sequence the genomes of 500 babies and their parents to find genetic triggers for pre-term birth and other abnormalities. And the chief of the Inova Translational Medicine...