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Latest Headlines

CMO born from $2.6 billion merger comes on the scene as DPx

A new company, initially dubbed NewCo and created by the $2.6 billion merger of contract manufacturer Patheon and Netherlands-based DSM Pharmaceutical Products, has officially broken onto the scene. It has been given the moniker of DPx and starts its corporate life as one of the largest contract manufacturing and development groups in the world.

Ben Venue Labs may be closed but it is still recalling products

A voluntary recall was issued Friday after there was a report of a single visible glass particle in a vial in a lot that was produced for Genco Pharmaceutical Services.

Cytovance expands its biologics manufacturing and warehousing operations

With the the coming entry of biosimilars in the U.S. and expansion of that market in Europe, biologic drugs are going to be in greater demand, as will the contract manufacturers who can supply the cell lines and special services needed to get them to market. Okalahoma-based Cytovance Biologics is joining a number of CMOs that are adding capacities to tap that growth.

Aesica invests $48M in U.K. plant to make diabetes drugs

Aesica, the U.K.-based contract manufacturer, has a new plant going online but one with a very specialized purpose.

Piramal investing $11M in U.K. plant

The way execs at Piramal Healthcare see it, there are good reasons to expand production at Piramal's hormonal medicines plant in Morpeth, U.K. The market is worth $11 billion and growing at 4% to 5% a year, and there are not many contract manufacturers that play in that space. And so the Indian manufacturer will triple production there.

Fast-growing ICIG adds peptide manufacturer

International Chemical Investors Group (ICIG) has nabbed another operation to fold into its contract manufacturing arm Corden Pharma group: Peptisyntha, a Brussels, Belgium-based custom manufacturer of peptides for pharmaceuticals. It will become its third site offering this service.

Amarin asks FDA to approve Novasep as Vascepa partner

Irish drugmaker Amarin continues to stack up manufacturing partners for the API for its fish oil drug Vascepa. While its decision to launch the drug without a partner has meant slow going in getting it to market, Amarin has pushed ahead with deals with contract manufacturers, hoping to get FDA approval for a fourth API maker.

Jubilant HollisterStier adds to global sterile manufacturing supply

Jubilant HollisterStier, a Spokane, WA-based contract manufacturer, says it has completed the first phase of an expansion at a plant in Montreal. The company did not give specifics but said the project increases its capacity there by nearly 200% and will be ready for products early next month.

Accellent grows revenue but losses widen

Accellent sprouted healthy revenue growth in its 2013 second quarter, but reorganization costs helped push net losses higher for the medical device contract manufacturer.

Sanofi to make API for Vivus ED drug Stendra

Vivus signed a partnership deal in June with Italy's Menarini to help it roll out its erectile dysfunction drug Stendra (Spedra in the EU).