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Latest Headlines

Enzymatics picks up bioinformatics expertise in up to $50M buyout

Enzymatics is expanding its offerings in the DNA sequencing market with the buyout of startup ArcherDx, which provides kits and software for evaluating cancer treatment. Add up the cash, Enzymatics equity and potential milestone fees in the deal, and the buyout could be worth up to $50 million.

Roche rolls out updated software for next-generation sequencing

Roche has unveiled a software update for improving DNA sequencing studies, for which advances in information technology have become crucial to improving accuracy and speed of 'omics data analysis.

Scientists create first regulatory map of tuberculosis

For most people in the Western world, the mention of tuberculosis is likely to conjure up images of the Victorians. In richer countries, tuberculosis is, for the most part, a thing of the past.

Bioinformatics gives U. Wisconsin team an 'edge' in cystic fibrosis study

University of Wisconsin researchers have undertaken a genomic study involving patients with cystic fibrosis, aiming to uncover data that explain variation in symptoms among those afflicted with the genetic lung disease. And researchers believe that bioinformatics and other new resources give them an "edge" in the fight to improve treatments, according to the university's release.

Roche designs online software for sequencing business

Roche has developed web-based software that enables the company's customers to quickly design sequence libraries and improve the process of target enrichment custom design for next-generation sequencing.

Berkeley professor: Genomic data leaks seem inevitable

As genomic data swells beyond expectations, researchers face a dilemma over how to secure the information on people's DNA without stymying progress in the genomics revolution. In an opinion column in  Nature, University of California, Berkeley Professor Steven Brenner tackles the issue and lays out a set of potential solutions.

Roche launches DNA kit amid applied science shake-up

Roche Diagnostics has kicked off commercialization for a new bead-based DNA reagent kit, a sequencing tool the company hopes will boost revenue in its flagging research-use technology business.

Sanofi teams with Big Data outfit to research drugs for diabetes and cancer

Sanofi research czar Elias Zerhouni has pushed for the company to delve deeply into the study of diseases before leaping into drug development. Now the French drug giant plans to collaborate with the software company NextBio to infuse patients' genomic and other data into its work on treatments for such diseases as cancer and diabetes.

Study taps web software in novel clinical and genetic research of infants

In a push to advance the use of genetics in personalized care for tots, Inova Translational Medicine Institute has mounted a study to correlate the genetics of young children with developmental issues.

Biotech data merges onto UC San Diego's Big Data 'freeway'

A bugaboo in the Big Data world has been the capacity of networks to transport large amounts of data from genomics and other studies. To tackle the problem, the University of California, San Diego has turned on a new optical computer network that can handle the massive data sets with which its scientists and their distant collaborators work, the  New York Times  blog reported.