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Latest Headlines

Probing lawmakers grill Valeant on price hikes

A pair of lawmakers is taking a look into recent drug price increases--and as part of the investigation, it wants some information from Valeant.

CVS isn't stopping with PCSK9 discount demands. It wants concessions from ACC/AHA, too

CVS Health has no intention of shelling out more than it has to on the new PCSK9 drugs. It's been saying so for more than a year--and now, it has taken a double-barreled shot at the next-gen cholesterol fighters.

UnitedHealth uses newfound scale to negotiate pay-for-performance deals

Newly bulked-up UnitedHealth now boasts the U.S.' third largest pharmacy benefits business--and it's using its scale to push for refunds when meds don't live up to their billing, it says.

CF specialists up in arms about $259K price for new Vertex med Orkambi

Vertex had a pretty good idea that drug pricing critics wouldn't be so keen on its $259,000-per-year tag for cystic fibrosis med Orkambi. And sure enough, less than three weeks after the combo med won the FDA's green light, the pushback is here.

Nonprofit snags $5.2M grant to investigate U.S. drug pricing

As drug costs continue to rise, payers and the public are calling for more transparency in how Big Pharma sets its prices for new meds. The benefits of the drugs do not outweigh their costs, some groups say, and more needs to be done to make sure companies are pricing accordingly. Now industry watchers have a new ally, as a nonprofit nabbed $5.2 million in private funding to investigate drug pricing in the U.S.  

India expands drug pricing with caps for two antibiotics

India has fought long and hard for more price caps on essential medicines in the country, with a parliamentary committee in April lobbying for expanded government price control despite pushback from Big Pharma. Now, as part of its latest crusade, the country is extending price caps for two more antibiotics and setting new prices for branded meds.

UPDATED: Merck cancer drugs and Sanofi, Amgen cardio meds have formularies on high alert

U.S. drug payers have been able to beat back high prices for some COPD and diabetes drugs, much to the chagrin of GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi. But several new categories promise to break out in a big way, and we are not talking just about hepatitis C drugs.

Prisoners accuse Massachusetts of barring them from pricey hep C meds

New hep C meds have drawn their fair share of criticism, with lawmakers, patients and payers claiming that the drugs' hefty price tags unfairly restrict their use to the sickest patients. Now, more voices are joining the swelling chorus of discontent as two inmates are suing the Massachusetts state prison system for not providing the drugs to prisoners.

Pharma hikes prices on all sorts of meds, but hit diabetes hardest: Bloomberg

Twenty-seven drug brands took 20% price increases last year, and dozens saw prices at least double over the past 5 years, Bloomberg reports. Once again, the usual suspects top the price-increase lists. And diabetes products are conspicuously present.

Big new launches rocket cancer drug spending to $100B: IMS report

Cancer drug pricing is turning more and more heads, especially as critical payers threaten a crackdown in the oncology field. And there's a reason for all the hullaballoo: Spending on oncology meds is increasing rapidly, new IMS numbers show.