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Latest Headlines

Lilly adds new Coco the Type 1 monkey tale to its Disney bookshelf

With a couple of meds for Type 1 diabetes--the type that's usually diagnosed in children and young adults--in its lineup, Eli Lilly has a vested interest in helping children and their parents understand the disease. And on that front, it's just released a new book to add to a growing collection of kid-friendly materials.

Stormy Australia hearings on transfer pricing by drug firms invoke Sergeant Schultz

Multinational drug firms in Australia faced a string of barbs in hearings held by a Senate panel into transfer pricing that included a reference to a fictitious German World War II prison camp guard.

Japan's PAFSC backs Lilly's dulaglutide, among others, in latest round

Eli Lilly Japan's once-weekly glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonist dulaglutide was recommended for approval by Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation Council's (PAFSC's) First Committee on Drugs, an advisory panel to the health minister, following a June 5 meeting, an official said.

Lilly quashes rumors of Elanco spinoff as stock soars

Eli Lilly's stock was on a tear June 9, advancing more than any other stock in the Standard & Poor's 500 Index, after investors surmised the company might be planning to spin off its animal health unit, Elanco. The rumor--which Lilly quickly tried to quiet--originally started spreading after Elanco's president, Jeffrey Simmons, spoke at a Goldman Sachs investment conference.

ADA highlights: Novo, Lilly meds top Lantus; Sanofi, AZ tout new combo regimens

The data pump is going full tilt at the American Diabetes Association meeting, with top drugmakers rolling out studies on their top drugs, new and old. From new safety analyses to head-to-head match-ups, here's a roundup of the need-to-know.

Eli Lilly, Zoetis among stakeholders signing on to White House antibiotics plan

More than 150 food companies and animal- and human-health stakeholders publicized their efforts to combat antibiotic resistance Tuesday at a White House Forum on Antibiotic Stewardship. During the event, which was part of a multifaceted plan to reduce the use of antibiotics in food animals, President Obama signed a memorandum directing federal agencies to establish guidelines on responsible antibiotics use for meat and poultry producers.

High-profile Huntington's disease film scores on social media, but where was pharma?

HBO premiered an award-winning short documentary about Huntington's disease, a rare, hereditary neurological malady, on Monday night. The film follows actress and filmmaker Marianne Palka as she finds out the results of her genetic test. If someone has a parent with the disease as she did, they have a 50/50 chance of getting the disease. The missing voice? Pharma.

FDA approves Lilly's reformulated insulin to foster patient convenience

The FDA approved an enhanced version of Eli Lilly's Humalog U-200 KwikPen, meaning patients now have access to a concentrated mealtime insulin analog. Due to the iteration's increased concentration, the KwikPen holds twice as many units of insulin, although the three-millimeter cartridge remains unchanged.

UPDATED: My bathtub or yours? How a panned Cialis ad became promotional gold

Television ads have shown them lounging on a beach, gazing at the view from a mountaintop and watching the view from above a scenic lake. All sans clothing and facing away from the camera. We're talking about Eli Lilly's Cialis bathtub couples, of course. Yet the bathtub couples were not universally well-received at launch, and they've been oft-spoofed since.

Data-gathering insulin pen maker Companion pulls in Series B led by Eli Lilly

Companion Medical, a California startup with a Bluetooth-enabled insulin pen and smartphone app, pulled in Series B financing this week, led by Big Pharma player Eli Lilly. Though the amount was undisclosed, the move marks a step forward for Lilly into the world of drug delivery technology, for which the company is currently building an R&D center in Cambridge, MA.