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Latest Headlines

White House calls for advancing rapid diagnostics to combat drug-resistant bacteria

The diagnostics industry will play a significant role in the Obama administration's just-released national action plan to combat the rise of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, such as CRE, which was implicated in the recent death of at least two patients in Los Angeles and many illnesses nationwide.

FDA taking 'very light touch' in smartphone and digital device regulation

As med tech companies zero in on digital technology for healthcare monitoring, the FDA said it is allowing more room for innovation before taking a heavy hand in regulation.

Japan's Olympus issues new cleaning instructions on duodenoscopes

Olympus issued new cleaning instructions to healthcare professionals to sterilize its duodenoscope blamed for an outbreak of the "superbug" in some hospitals, leading to at least two deaths.

The FDA's kinder, gentler attitude toward India hasn't stopped tough enforcement moves

The FDA may have been all smiles and pleasantries at a recent meeting with its counterparts in India, but that hasn't stopped it from taking serious action against the country's manufacturing plants.

Indian state to train employees to think like FDA inspectors

Underwriters Laboratories will train 60 food-and-drug inspectors for India's Gujarat state government so that they begin to assess drug manufacturing plants in the same way that U.S. FDA inspectors do.

FDA bans two more IPCA plants

After issuing an import alert last year for an IPCA Laboratories API plant in India where employees had been falsifying drug testing results and deleting failed tests, the FDA began looking at its operations further upstream and has now banned products from two of IPCA's finished product facilities.

Sun doubles in size as it completes Ranbaxy buyout

With Sun Pharmaceutical's $4 billion buyout of Ranbaxy Laboratories all but wrapped up, the combined company has plenty on its plate: get plants banned by the FDA in order, get more products approved and to the market and find $250 million in savings with minimal layoffs.

India's Wockhardt faces mass of lawsuits in U.S. over generic Reglan

Wockhardt's U.S. affiliate must face a mass of suits in a state court over its generic version of the acid reflux drug Reglan (metoclopramide), developed by Wyeth before the firm was bought by Pfizer.

UPDATED: Nearly 10,000 GE, Siemens MRI machines under FDA recall

Almost 10,000 GE and Siemens MRI machines are being recalled, FDA's database shows. The agency classified the recalls in its second-most severe category, meaning the affected machines "may cause temporary or medically reversible adverse health consequences."

Does the FDA overregulate devices? Experts weigh in

Opinions are all over the map when it comes to whether the FDA regulates medical devices too strictly or too loosely. Those favoring more regulation point to power morcellators and duodenoscopes. Industry and others who favor faster access note that in Europe, many advanced devices are made available years before they are commercialized in the U.S.