Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Genomics England picks Icon as its first CRO partner

Icon has become the first contract research company to help manage the reams of big data coming from the U.K.'s unique private-public partnership Genomics England.

Icon launches new tech with promise to simplify adaptive trials

CRO giant Icon has expanded its technology portfolio with a system it says can improve patient randomization and clinical supply in adaptive trials.

Icon buys a trial site network with an eye on patient data

Global CRO Icon bought a U.S.-based network of clinical research sites, expanding its stateside footprint and bringing in a trove of patient data the company believes will help it to improve study design.

Icon eyes Asia growth with a pair of exec appointments

CRO giant Icon is looking to expand its share of the drug development market in Asia, hiring a pair of local veterans to deepen its ties to the region.

Icon ekes out another quarter of growth despite currency woes

Irish-headquartered CRO Icon kept its streak of quarterly revenue growth running, posting a 1.8% year-over-year increase in sales.

Icon teams up with IBM to accelerate clinical trial startup

CRO giant Icon is working with IBM in hopes of making clinical trials more efficient, tapping the company's famed Watson technology with an eye on speeding up recruitment and site selection.

Icon gets in on the ground floor with a Novartis-backed biotech upstart

Irish CRO Icon has signed on to be the exclusive service provider for a new U.K. biotech startup, planning to help the nascent company advance a trio of Novartis-developed drugs.

Icon dials back its guidance after posting modest sales growth

Icon is again reducing its revenue expectations for 2015 but increasing its profit guidance, counting on a big quarter of business wins to balance some sluggish backlog conversion.

Icon and Covance bet on diagnostics with a pair of cancer deals

CROs Icon and Covance signed a pair of separate partnerships in the world of cancer diagnostics, each betting that new technologies in oncology testing will increase global demand.

Icon rolls out some new patient-consent tech with a focus on education

Icon, at work on new approaches to educating potential study participants, launched a new technology designed to inform patients of the possible risks and benefits of a clinical trial before they meet with a physician.