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Latest Headlines

Ipsen strikes $137M deal for rights to bladder cancer drug

Ipsen has picked up the rights to Telesta Therapeutics' bladder cancer drug in Europe and other ex-U.S. markets in a deal worth up to $137 million (€124 million). Having acquired the rights for $10 million upfront, Ipsen is now gearing up for talks with regulators about plotting a path to approval for the drug.

Ipsen barrels into Boston with a new R&D hub and a Harvard pact

French drugmaker Ipsen is the latest global giant turning to the Boston area for a leg up in R&D, cutting the ribbon on a Cambridge research center and breaking it in by signing a deal with Harvard University.

Ipsen picks up option to buy Canbex once PhIIa data rolls in

Ipsen has handed over €6 million ($6.8 million) for the option to buy British biotech Canbex Therapeutics.

Ipsen on a hiring binge in U.S. to prep for new Somatuline marketing push

Ipsen has its eye on swelling its North American presence from 5% to 30% of its overall business by 2020, with a new indication on the way for cancer drug Somatuline that it thinks could help it get there. If the launch is right, that is.

New incontinence data could give Ipsen's Dysport a path to lucrative urology use

Ipsen announced "positive results" in a Phase II trial of Dysport in patients with urinary incontinence. That could put Ipsen's drug in line for more head-to-head competition with Allergan's Botox, which has successfully expanded into several medical uses.

Ipsen joins biotech influx into Cambridge with R&D move

France's Ipsen is the latest drug developer with eyes on Cambridge, MA's booming biotech hub, plotting to move its U.S. R&D activities to Kendall Square.

Ipsen bags a development platform with $207M Syntaxin buyout

The French company has struck a deal to buy the biotech and its drug development platform for $37 million upfront with promises of about $170 million more, with most of the money pinned to the fate of a mid-stage therapy for a rare ailment.

Lonza API plant problems undermine Ipsen's Increlex supplies

A Lonza plant in the U.S. has been struggling for 18 months to get its manufacturing practices back up to FDA expectations. But the shortcomings are now leading to shortages for one of its key clients.

Ipsen warns of shortages of its orphan drug Increlex

French drugmaker Ipsen says shortages of its orphan drug Increlex appear inevitable because of ongoing issues at Lonza plant in the U.S. The drug is used to treat a rare condition in children called IGF-1 deficiency, which results in them being very short for their age.

Ipsen, insolvent biotech partner find buyer for troubled hemophilia drug

Ipsen is closing a tumultuous foray into the hemophilia area. With its broke biotech partner Inspiration Biopharmaceuticals, Ipsen has agreed to sell a hemophilia drug candidate placed on clinical hold by the FDA last year to Cangene in a deal worth up to $55.9 million in upfront and commercial milestone money.