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Latest Headlines

Biologics manufacturing helps Lonza to early turnaround

Growth in areas like antibody drug conjugates helped Lonza's Pharma & Biotech segment turn in more than 15% growth for the year and, in turn, helped the entire company realize one of its recovery goals a full year ahead of schedule, the Swiss company said Wednesday.

Lonza looks to biotech funders for entree to business

Swiss ingredient maker Lonza figures that if you can get in early with a winner, the rewards will be a lot greater. That is what happened when it became the supplier to manufacture Pharmacyclics' leukemia drug Imbruvica. And so instead of trying to strike a deal with each promising startup, it is turning to their source of funds, the venture capital crowd.

Lonza gets a break on the tax break it got for the U.S. plant it is closing

Swiss-based CMO Lonza is cutting its tax liability here through the blessing of local economic development. It is not being required to return any of the tax incentives it got for a plant expansion after deciding to abandon a Massachusetts manufacturing site.

Novasep gets FDA OK for HPAPI expansion in France

French contract manufacturer Novasep says that its expansion of its highly potent active pharmaceutical ingredients manufacturing operations at its plant in Le Mans, France, is complete, signed off on by the FDA and now being scaled up for commercial use.

U.S. plant closure takes a bite out of Lonza's pharma sales

The Swiss drug ingredient and chemicals maker Lonza has said it's targeting pharma and biotech for growth, as companies increasingly farm out manufacturing. But so far, its pharma unit is suffering.

Lonza's pharma unit sales suffer as it closes U.S. biologics plant

Swiss drug ingredient and chemical maker Lonza has reorganized its drug ingredient and custom pharma manufacturing units and is closing a U.S. plant to reduce costs, but so far the move has resulted in lower sales in pharma.

CMO Lonza lopping off hundreds of jobs

After months of regulatory woes and declining demand, Lonza is planning to cut two-thirds of its staff at a Massachusetts biologics plant, part of the CMO's overall effort to restructure and adapt to a changing market for commercial manufacturing.

Lonza starting job cuts at troubled U.S. biologics plant

Swiss contract manufacturer Lonza has been dealing with quality issues at its biologics plant in Hopkinton, MA, for a couple of years. And so in July, the company said it had decided to phase it out, eliminate 250 jobs and concentrate that work at a facility in Switzerland. The company says now most of those cuts will happen by the end of the year.

Lonza will cut 200 at Massachusetts plant by end of year

Lonza last month said it was going to phase out work at its troubled biologics plant in Hopkinton, MA, eventually cutting about 250 jobs. At the time it didn't put a timeframe on the moves, but it now says it is set to begin next month.

Lonza phasing out troubled Massachusetts biologics plant

Lonza 's biologics plant in Hopkinton, MA, has been a headache for the Swiss contract manufacturer and its customers. The company has struggled to get it up to FDA expectations, creating supply issues for clients, leading it to phase the plant out.