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Latest Headlines

Mayo Clinic team renews Alzheimer's feud, fingers tau over amyloid

In the world of Alzheimer's drug research, there's no lack of certainty among leading researchers. There's just no consensus on what causes the disease or how to treat it.

Mayo Clinic finds a common MRI contrast agent is deposited in the brain

The Mayo Clinic has found that gadolinium-based contrast agents used in MRI exams leave deposits in the brain. The researchers said that there is no evidence that the gadolinium deposits are harmful to patients and continues to recommend the use of gadolinium-based contrast agents as appropriate.

Mayo/Scripps team begins testing a new class of anti-aging drugs

Investigators have begun testing new drugs that can specifically hunt down and eliminate senescent cells in mice, opening the door to what they say could be a new class of therapeutics that promise to one day slow down the human aging process.

Mayo Clinic, Gentag partner to develop movement sensor patches

The Mayo Clinic and Gentag are partnering to develop next-generation, wireless, disposable patch sensors to enable researchers to track patient movements in order to better address conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Next-generation technologies speed up diagnosis for stroke patients

As the med tech industry homes in on innovative technologies that can speed up diagnosis for strokes, healthcare providers are harnessing next-generation products to improve outcomes for patients.

Second Sight bionic eye viral video showcases restored patient vision

Allen Zderad lost his vision, but due to a bionic eye implant from a clinical trial, he regained the ability to see human forms and outlines of objects. The implant sends light wave signals to the optic nerve, compensating for a damaged retina.

Mayo Clinic joins $20.5M Series A reboot for next-gen sequencing startup Lifecode

Yet another next-generation sequencing startup has disclosed that it's won financing. Lifecode, formerly known as Silicon Valley Biosystems, has garnered a $20.5 million Series A round from investors including Sequoia Capital, The Mayo Clinic and Mayo Ventures.

Mayo Clinic sues former exec for transferring trade secrets to Quest Diagnostics

Minnesota's Mayo Clinic is suing one of its former top executives for misappropriation of trade secrets as part of a plan to work for competitor Quest Diagnostics following a false retirement.

Pathway discovery reveals another potential Alzheimer's drug target

Researchers may have found the key to destroying the amyloid-β clumps long associated with Alzheimer's disease, which could spur new approaches to drug discovery in a field that has seen more than its share of failures.

Mayo Clinic, Enterprise Ireland partner to advance med tech

An interesting development in this age of Irish-fueled tax inversion deals, the  Mayo Clinic  and Enterprise Ireland have begun a 5-year collaboration to advance med tech innovation.