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Latest Headlines

Mayo Clinic, Enterprise Ireland partner to advance med tech

An interesting development in this age of Irish-fueled tax inversion deals, the  Mayo Clinic  and Enterprise Ireland have begun a 5-year collaboration to advance med tech innovation.

Seres bags another $10M to gut it out in microbiomics

Biotech Seres Health has raised a quick $10 million B round to support its work in microbiome R&D, appending a partnership with the Mayo Clinic as it advances an infectious disease treatment.

Mayo Clinic team successfully delivers small molecules to the brain past blood-brain barrier

The blood-brain barrier is the body's way of keeping harmful substances away from the brain, but it's also a daunting obstacle for drug delivery experts looking to send treatments to the organ. Now, researchers at the Mayo Clinic have developed a synthetic peptide carrier to shuttle small molecules past the barrier and into the brain.

Mayo joins Sanovas to develop lung-clearing asthma treatment

Sanovas, a devicemaker specializing in microinvasive surgery for the lungs, joined forces with the Mayo Clinic to market its outpatient treatment for asthma that relaxes the muscles that constrict the airways.

Mayo Clinic: Metabolomics could be key to early Alzheimer's blood Dx test

A technique known as metabolomics may enable an Alzheimer's disease blood test diagnosis before patients start displaying symptoms, Mayo Clinic scientists have concluded.

Mayo Clinic develops drug that stops growth of kidney cancer

An experimental drug designed to block an overactive protein in kidney cancer may provide a more targeted approach to treating the common cancer and could eventually be used as a therapy for other types of the disease.

Cancer Genetics bags $6.9M in over-allotted IPO

After scaling back its IPO price by about 85%, diagnostics outfit Cancer Genetics has some good news to report, pulling in $6.9 million once its under-writers exercised their over-allotment option.

Mayo Clinic's prostate cancer imaging agent hampered by limited access

With great fanfare, the Mayo Clinic won FDA approval late last year for a new diagnostic imaging agent that helps determine when prostate cancer has returned. But as Bloomberg reports, the non-profit medical center has struggled to expand access to the compound.

Sanford-Burnham, Mayo hunt for drugs against high-priority targets

Two top research organizations have mounted a combined effort to discover new drugs for cancer, Alzheimer's disease and other illnesses.

Mayo study spotlights new biomarkers for quick kidney injury alert

Investigators from the Mayo Clinic say a recent study helped uncover two new biomarkers for acute kidney injury which should flag at-risk patients significantly earlier than currently used biomarkers.