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Latest Headlines

MedImmune inks licensing deal with Bioasis for brain delivery platform

AstraZeneca's MedImmune forged a new deal with Bioasis Technologies, licensing from the Vancouver, Canada, company its brain delivery platform aimed at overcoming challenges associated with the blood-brain barrier.

AstraZeneca signs up for MD Anderson's 'moon-shot' immuno-oncology project

MD Anderson's popular "moon-shot" immuno-oncology research project has won over another big industry player looking to play catch-up in the hottest race in cancer drug R&D. AstraZeneca's biologics arm, MedImmune, has become the latest Big Pharma player to join a team that has already attracted Pfizer and J&J.

AstraZeneca's MedImmune looks to UCSF for some good science and promising ideas

MedImmune, AstraZeneca's biologics arm, had inked a three-year agreement with the University of California, San Francisco, tapping the school's roster of scientists with hopes of finding promising projects across a bevy of disease areas.

AstraZeneca teams with one of the hottest biotechs working on immunotherapies

Immunocore's list of collaborators is beginning to look like a Who's Who in Big Pharma. Today the biotech--which is developing T cell immunotherapy technology originally spun out of Oxford--added a deal-hungry AstraZeneca and its biologics team at MedImmune as its latest partner, which will now join Genentech and GlaxoSmithKline in exploring whether the biotech has really found a powerful new approach to engineering an immune system attack on cancer cells.

Unilife bags Novartis deal for injectable tech

Unilife is at it again. This time it's Novartis signing a deal with the injectable technology provider, adding to Unilife's impressive list of recent agreements with top pharmaceutical companies Sanofi, MedImmune and Hikma.

AstraZeneca specialty-care execs out as commercial shake-up moves on

The ongoing shuffle-and-cut at AstraZeneca has two U.S. higher-ups headed for the exit. As the Washington Business Journal reports, the company's new specialty care unit will lose its top executive, Scott Carmer, and finance chief, Tim Gray.

MedImmune taps Unilife for wearable biologic injectable tech

Injectable drug delivery specialist Unilife joined forces with AstraZeneca's MedImmune this week to use Unilife's wearable devices with MedImmune's line of large molecules, putting both companies on the leading edge of a potentially profitable market.

Analysts offer giddy forecasts for booming cancer immunotherapy pipeline

The intense R&D focus in biopharma R&D circles on the therapeutic punch of cancer immunotherapies hasn't escaped the notice of top analysts, who are making some megablockbuster projections on the commercial impact these new drugs are likely to have.

UPDATED: AstraZeneca buys Spirogen in $440M deal, inks pact in armed antibody double-play

AstraZeneca has struck a deal to buy one antibody-drug conjugate developer for up to $440 million while making a $20 million equity bet on another as it continues a global biotech shopping spree to stock its pipeline of cancer drugs.

AstraZeneca forges $500M cancer immunotherapy buyout for MedImmune

AstraZeneca is rolling the dice on a $500 million deal--including $225 million upfront--to buy the early-stage cancer immunology specialist Amplimmune for its U.S. biologics arm MedImmune. AstraZeneca is promising up to $275 million in development milestones.