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Latest Headlines

Connectivity, sensor specialist moves more into medical with $190M AdvancedCath acquisition

Outsourced product design specialist TE Connectivity will increase its focus on medical devices with its $190 million purchase of catheter player AdvancedCath. 

PRA joins the CRO in-crowd with a $306M IPO

CRO conglomerate PRA Health Sciences pulled off a $306 million IPO, joining the growing list of Big Pharma contractors cashing in on Wall Street after years under private equity stewardship.

AstraZeneca opens Indian IT center as 13-year outsourcing experiment nears end

AstraZeneca is following the well-trodden path of offshoring part of its IT to India. But unlike some of its peers--and in a reversal of its own strategy--the Big Pharma is adding in-house capacity and lessening its reliance on IT service providers.

Lilly, Merck juggle cost and complexity in manufacturing strategies

Over the past decade patent expiries have forced many Big Pharma to close production plants that supported decades of growth. With the current and next generations of small molecules and biologics raising the bar for manufacturing complexity, Eli Lilly, Merck and their peers face a choice: build plants or outsource?

FDA says products recalled by compounder are contaminated

The FDA has been inspecting the largest compounding pharmacies and in December said it had concerns about the sterility of calcium gluconate 10% injections made by Rx Formulations of Mesa, AZ. The FDA now says testing has confirmed those concerns.

Analyst: CROs like Covance and Icon will take the lead on IT and genomics

With the spiraling amount of time and money needed to bring a drug to market weighing heavy on their Big Pharma clients, CROs have invested in efficiency boosting technology to gain a competitive edge. And the trend is tipped to continue, with an analyst predicting CROs will be at the forefront of developments in IT and genomics in 2014.

Report suggests biopharma wise to outsource cybersecurity

The rise of cybersecurity threats gives biopharma and other industries a new and unfamiliar problem that they are ill-equipped to handle alone. In response, an increasing number of biopharma companies are outsourcing cybersecurity activities, a strategy that has been vindicated by a new report.

Novartis looks to data management vendors to slash costs

Speaking at an investor day late last week, Novartis chief financial officer Harry Kirsch outlined how the company plans to generate "substantial savings" by working with external data management vendors.

Merck slashes data-management costs with China site

While it's not a needed blockbuster approval, Merck's clinical crew has claimed a modest victory on the off-shoring front with a reduction in data-management expenses.

After IBM dust-up, AstraZeneca reboots IT outsourcing

As software providers know well, AstraZeneca has been one of the most prolific users of information technology in the pharma world. So the drugmaker's IT preferences and activities garner attention, including the messy court showdown between the company and IBM.