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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Icon teams up with IBM to accelerate clinical trial startup

CRO giant Icon is working with IBM in hopes of making clinical trials more efficient, tapping the company's famed Watson technology with an eye on speeding up recruitment and site selection.

PPD cozies up to trial site group with an eye on enrollment

PPD's Acurian subsidiary has expanded its relationship with the Society for Clinical Research Sites, a group representing thousands of trial outposts around the globe, focusing on improving patient recruitment.

Analyst casts doubt on Big Data potential of Covance-LabCorp merger

LabCorp closed its $5.7 billion takeover of Covance this week and immediately began talking up the potential for its testing data to turbocharge the CRO's clinical trial business.

FDA orders CytRx to halt patient enrollment after death of a cancer patient

CytRx has run into an unexpected roadblock with its cancer drug conjugate aldoxorubicin, slamming the brakes on new patient recruitment in all their clinical trials after the FDA dropped a partial clinical hold on the program. According to the biotech the hold was forced by the death of a patient who was given the drug through a compassionate use program.

Facebook, Twitter bolster Canadian biotech's research of Crohn's therapy

Biopharma outfits have investigated the use of popular social media sites for spreading a variety of messages and gathering plenty of intelligence.

PatientsLikeMe seals CRO deal for online trial recruitment

PatientsLikeMe has found more interest in its online tool for promoting clinical trials to members of its social network. The CRO outfit inVentiv Health and PatientsLikeMe have formed a partnership that could expand the use of services from both companies.

CRA buys Radiant Research to increase trial capacity

CRA Holdings, the parent company of Clinical Research Advantage, has agreed to buy Radiant Research, expanding its number of trial sites and study capabilities.

10 Reasons Why Biotech Needs Big Data

We've rounded up 10 ways huge stockpiles of data and large-scale data analysis are changing the biotech game.

Top CRO executives predict industry's future

At DIA in Philadelphia this week, high-level representatives from CROs sat down for a roundtable discussion with  Pharmalot  blogger Ed Silverman to discuss the future of CROs and what needs to be done in partnering, innovation and efficacy.

Mobile tech isn't ideal for recruitment in clinical trials

Virtual clinical trials are a hot topic this week at DIA 2012. And a panel today tackled the topic with an emphasis on how mobile technology fits into the range of tools for recruiting patients into clinical studies.