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Latest Headlines

PPD looks to tamp down pesky placebos with new trial tech

Countless clinical trials are done in by unexpectedly well-performing placebo arms, a phenomenon particularly common in psychiatric studies. PPD believes a new, proprietary trial design can substantially level the playing field, and the CRO has paid an undisclosed sum to get its hands on the technology.

PPD lands a federal bioterror deal worth up to $100M

PPD has signed a contract with the U.S. government's Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, agreeing to design and conduct clinical trials for products that protect against bioterrorism and other public health emergencies.

PPD partners up to give Germany a starring role in clinical trials

PPD has signed a deal with a German hospital to help bring more clinical trials to the country, agreeing to lend its global reach and help lure drug developers.

PPD lures UCB exec to head immunology

PPD is working to get therapeutic area experts into its highest offices, poaching UCB's former head of immunology to lead its efforts in the field.

PPD snags Acurian for recruitment software

PPD has acquired Pennsylvania's Acurian, folding the company's clinical trial patient enrollment and retention services into its expanding eClinical operation.

FDA report casts doubt on Chinese trial data

China has fast become a huge pillar on the global R&D scene, with local CROs like WuXi PharmaTech and ShangPharma cashing in on demand for clinical trials in the country. But, with the FDA chiding a sloppy Chinese trial run by Bristol-Myers Squibb, Pfizer and PPD, regulators and researchers may think twice before accepting data gathered in the country.

DIA 2013: Big or small, CROs need clout to survive

BOSTON-- Walking through the annual Drug Information Association meeting, you can't miss the signs of consolidation, from the HCR tacked onto Synteract's logo to the buzz around PRA's corner of the conference when attendees found out it was soon to change hands for $1.3 billion. Read the feature >>

PPD's BioDuro opens Shanghai discovery lab

BioDuro, PPD's China-based drug discovery business, has opened a state-of-the-art facility in Shanghai, a lab the company says will help it cozy up to clients in the growing Asian biopharmaceutical world.

Biotech upstart joins Big Pharma cast on high-profile 'breakthrough' stage

Up until now, the FDA has reserved its new "breakthrough" designation for a Who's Who in drug development, with high-profile companies like J&J, Merck and Novartis touting their scores at the agency. But now the FDA has delivered the coveted designation to Durham, NC-based ScioDerm, a little-known start-up that just landed its Series A of $16 million. And its success is blazing a path others can follow.

PPD gets high-tech for adaptive trials

As clinical trials get more and more complex, Pharmaceutical Product Development has reached out to technology consultancies Tessella and Berry Consultants to use FACTS, adaptive trial software that lets study designers simulate trials in their early planning stages.