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Latest Headlines

Premier CEO says hospitals must integrate supply chain IT to track spending on medical devices

The CEO of a publicly traded healthcare improvement alliance of 3,400 U.S. hospitals said providers need to integrate their supply chain information technology to improve upon today's fragmented and inefficient procurement process.

Drug purchasing group wants drugmakers to work with GPOs on shortages

Hospitals say the FDA and drugmakers should loop in hospitals and group purchasing organizations to attack drug shortages the way police would attack a hostage situation.

Premier boosts capacity for outpatient trials

Premier Research--one of the largest CRO operations around--is expanding so it can handle outpatient trials for the first time and also keep patients overnight to boost its pharmacokinetic sampling...

GPOs make strides post-Medtronic

Hospital group purchasing organizations (GPOs) have been in the news a lot lately, touting new contracts on what seems to be an ever-increasing basis. The rise comes months after device giant

Baucus questions Medtronic over GPO contract cancellations

Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus (D-MT) is looking into whether Medtronic's cancellation of contracts with group purchasing organizations Novation and Premier could potentially increase