Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Quintiles' $950M IPO keeps on giving for PE backers

Two years after Quintiles' trend-setting IPO, the CRO's private equity owners are still profiting from the company's continued growth, pocketing $545 million in a secondary offering.

Quintiles restores its rosy outlook after a big quarter

Quintiles is going back to its earlier optimism for 2015, scaling up its previously reduced growth projections after posting a strong sales quarter.

Quest and Quintiles rev up new lab testing JV

Quest Diagnostics is charging full speed ahead with its previously announced joint venture with global CRO Quintiles, launching the companies' new business, dubbed Q2 Solutions, to provide lab services for clinical trials and to expand its diagnostics footprint.

Quintiles and Quest unveil their clinical trials joint venture

Quintiles and Quest Diagnostics rolled out Q2 Solutions, a $575 million joint venture that pairs the CRO's experience running studies with the latter company's expertise in lab tests.

Quintiles beefs up its risk-based monitoring tech

Quintiles has rewired its risk-based monitoring service to include analytics technology the CRO says can better predict pressure points in clinical trials, touting its new offering as the first of its kind.

DIA starts with a flurry of hires, deals and product updates

With the clinical trial community gathering for DIA 2015, eClinical tech vendors have been rolling out releases about their new tools, hires and deals. Here we round up a batch of notable news, including a new hire at Clinical Ink, deals for DocuSign and a visit to the FDA by Nextrials.

Quintiles cuts the ribbon on a new Chinese R&D hub

Quintiles has opened up a new, up-sized headquarters in China, toasting the country's growth as a global biopharma power and angling to play a bigger role in its continued evolution.

Quintiles homes in on Asian biotech with its latest offering

Quintiles, the world's largest CRO, is targeting the growing number of small and midsize biotech companies in Asia, porting its bespoke offering to the region in hopes of partnering with the continent's up-and-coming drug developers.

Quintiles' founders bank $770M in secondary offering

A group of Quintiles shareholders including the CRO's founder made about $770 million in a secondary stock offering, selling a bulk of shares back to the company and cashing in on its success.

Quintiles beefs up in bioanalytics ahead of Quest partnership

Awaiting the closure of a wide-ranging deal with Quest Diagnostics, Quintiles is expanding its capabilities in bioanalytics, opening a new outpost in Europe for lab tests.