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Latest Headlines

Quintiles signs on to help BioDelivery get its anti-addiction drug out the door

Raleigh, NC's BioDelivery Sciences is expecting to win FDA approval for its opioid-dependence patch this summer, and the biotech has enlisted global contractor Quintiles to handle the launch.

Quintiles' bankrollers eye another $1B in second offering

Quintiles founder Dennis Gillings and a trio of private equity backers hauled in more than $400 million when the company first went public, and now they're looking to reap nearly $1 billion more in a secondary public offering.

Quintiles touts its talent as cash rolls in

In the CRO world, the fight to secure contracts and strategic partnerships often comes down to expertise, and Quintiles, the industry's largest outfit, believes it has a serious competitive advantage. The North Carolina CRO said it employs twice as many M.D.s and Ph.D.s as any of its competitors, giving it a leg up in the changing world of science.

Quintiles lends its sequencing skills to massive cardiovascular study

Global Genomics Group is in the midst of an expansive cardiovascular study with hopes of finding new biomarkers and drug targets for coronary artery disease, and now the company has enlisted the help of CRO giant Quintiles to handle some of the necessary gene sequencing work.

Quintiles notches its first-ever $1B quarter as sales boom

Capping off a year in which it raised nearly $950 million in an up-sized IPO, Quintiles hauled in $1 billion in service revenue in the fourth quarter, a company first that sets the table for more growth in 2014.

Analyst: CROs like Covance and Icon will take the lead on IT and genomics

With the spiraling amount of time and money needed to bring a drug to market weighing heavy on their Big Pharma clients, CROs have invested in efficiency boosting technology to gain a competitive edge. And the trend is tipped to continue, with an analyst predicting CROs will be at the forefront of developments in IT and genomics in 2014.

Quintiles partners up to boost its commercialization business

Global CRO Quintiles has struck up a deal with the Medical Affairs Company, a medical liason contractor, and the two companies plan to pool their powers in drug and device commercialization.

Vietnam taps Quintiles to up its stake in global trials

The Vietnamese government is looking to boost its share of the world's clinical research market, signing a deal with CRO giant Quintiles to get the ball rolling.

Quintiles expands trial monitoring to slash study costs

Quintiles was among the first CROs to jump into risk-based clinical trial monitoring, and now the world's largest contract researcher is stretching out its platform, offering adaptive services that span the whole development process.

Quintiles paid $146.5M for Novella

Quintiles declined to divulge financials when it signed up to buy Novella Clinical in August, but a regulatory filing reveals that the world's largest CRO spent $146.5 million upfront for the contractor, with more money on the line tied to milestones.