Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Quintiles bets on a big 2016 as revenue rolls in

Quintiles, the world's largest CRO, is expecting its revenue to jump as much as 8.5% in 2016 on the heels of a record year.

Quintiles' head of clinical development is retiring after 30 years

Paula Brown Stafford, a 30-year-veteran of Quintiles, is planning to retire from the world's largest CRO at the end of the year, wrapping up her tenure as president of clinical development.

Don't count India out yet in biosimilars race, Quintiles exec says

The globe's largest clinical research organization is looking to India as a source for the next waves of biosimilars as $55 billion worth of biotech drugs face patent expirations.

Quintiles extends its R&D hand-holding service to biopharmas large and small

Quintiles, which has signed deep-seated R&D deals with some major players in biopharma, is extending the same all-encompassing development help to the rest of the industry, marketing a service through which the CRO takes a seat at the decisionmaking table.

Quintiles tweaks Apple's ResearchKit for use in biopharma-sponsored trials

Quintiles has made changes to Apple's open-source ResearchKit framework. The CRO made the enhancements--the code for which it released on the GitHub repository--to make Apple's platform more suitable for the trials it oversees.

Quintiles lends its data-crunching know-how to Apple's ResearchKit

Quintiles has contributed some open-source code to improve Apple's ResearchKit project, a platform designed to help physicians and scientists gather medical data from millions of patients.

Quintiles founder stepping down as chairman after 33 years

Quintiles founder Dennis Gillings is set to vacate his chairmanship at the end of 2015, ending a 33-year tenure at the top that saw the North Carolina company grow into the world's biggest CRO.

Quintiles upgrades Apple ResearchKit with open source additions

Quintiles has contributed open-source enhancements to Apple's ResearchKit, adding more sophisticated application features beyond the basic three modules first introduced by Apple in March. The CRO plans to develop patient engagement ResearchKit-based apps for use in its own clinical trials with a particular focus on neurodegenerative diseases including dementia.

Quintiles narrows its outlook after another positive quarter

CRO giant Quintiles posted another $1 billion revenue quarter on the way to a record year, but the company is narrowing its sales projections over ongoing foreign exchange issues.

Quintiles pairs up with IMS to use real-world data in post-market studies

Quintiles signed a deal with healthcare information giant IMS Health to pair its own clinical development expertise with its partner's huge trove of real-world data, planning to use anonymized patient information to steer drug trials.