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Latest Headlines

Researchers successfully transplant insulin-producing cells via new technique

The Diabetes Research Institute (DRI) has had positive results in the first patient in a Phase I/II, pilot trial of a technique it expects could result in a bioengineered mini organ. This could mean a breakthrough in the race to develop an artificial pancreas that produces insulin in Type 1 diabetic patients.

Takeda expands vaccine platform rights with Nanotherapeutics agreement

In an effort to widen the reach of its flu vaccines business--and to develop new vaccines on a familiar platform--Takeda has inked an agreement to expand its rights to the Vero cell technology platform for vaccines production from Florida's Nanotherapeutics, Inc.

Pfizer's Trumenba shows 'robust' MenB protection in two PhIII trials

Pfizer's meningitis B vaccine Trumenba won the FDA's blessing nearly a year ago based on impressive midstage results and a national unease about the infection spreading on college campuses. Now, just in time for the back to school season, the New York-based pharma on Friday announced positive late-stage results in nearly 7,000 individuals that confirmed the vaccine's effectiveness against certain meningits B strains.

MorphoSys trades assets with Immatics to bolster I-O ambitions

MorphoSys has moved to add targets for its immuno-oncology arsenal. The agreement sees MorphoSys gain access to tumor-associated peptides discovered by its compatriot Immatics Biotechnologies in exchange for some of its antibodies, with both companies paying out milestones as their respective programs advance.

CRO field's growth seen through R&D outsourcing, industry consolidation

Thanks to pharma's R&D cost-cutting efforts, the CRO industry will expand at nearly a 10% clip through 2019, a new report says, citing trends that many industry-watchers will find familiar.

ReShape raises $38M to market its new weight-loss balloon in the U.S.

ReShape Medical is digesting $38 million in Series D financing as it seeks to commercialize its just-approved weight-loss balloon, which gives the obese a minimally invasive option that avoids the nasty side effects of surgeries like malnutrition following duodenal switch surgery, which involves removal of most of the stomach.

Academic docs and biotechs partner with veterinarians to find cancer cures

Mark Mamula, a professor of medicine at Yale University, created a cancer vaccine that's designed to prompt the body's immune system to attack tumors. It worked great in mice, but he wanted to see how it would perform in a more realistic model of human cancer, so now he has teamed up with the Veterinary Cancer Center in Norwalk, CT, to test the vaccine in dogs. Mamula hopes the insights from the dog trial will lead to a human trial in a year or so.

Veritas Genetics gets CE mark to conduct BRCA testing in Europe

Boston's Veritas Genetics received a CE mark to conduct BRCA gene testing for likelihood of inheriting breast and inheriting cancer in Europe.

Smartphone-connected cardio monitor startup nabs $2M to back September launch

Palo-Alto, CA-based MocaCare has raised $2 million to launch a tiny handheld monitor that purports to evaluate cardiovascular health. The startup is aiming for a September launch of its device, MocaHeart, with its accompanying smartphone app with a price point of $149.99.

Immatics, MD Anderson partner on a $60M immuno-oncology T-cell spinout

Harpreet Singh, the CSO and co-founder of Germany's Immatics Biotechnologies, has been splitting his time between Germany and Houston in order to set up a new biotech company that will collaborate with some top researchers at MD Anderson on overcoming some of the limitations to the adoptive T cell therapies now in the immuno-oncology pipeline.