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Latest Headlines

UPDATED: NIH launches crowdsourcing challenge to commercialize its neurological medical devices

Taking innovations from the clinic to the commercial market is one of medicine's biggest challenges. This is especially true for government scientists, who face rules and regulations that make it difficult for them to spinout their inventions to startups. But the National Institutes of Health is launching The Neuro Startup Challenge, a crowdsourcing competition featuring 72 teams from 80 hospitals and universities, with a goal of commercializing 16 of its neuroscience inventions, including enhancements to MRI machines. 

New deer vaccine against mad-cow-like disease may help people too

A team led by scientists at New York University's Langone Medical Center announced on Sunday that they have successfully vaccinated five deer against chronic wasting disease--an illness related to the human brain disorder Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease.

ImmunoGen plummets as its Roche-partnered cancer drug comes up short

ImmunoGen watched its shares fall by 50% when partner Roche revealed disappointing results for the pair's targeted cancer drug, casting doubts on the biotech's technology for creating armed antibodies.

Private equity firm backs Sonoma Orthopedic with $12M to get ankle implant to market

Chicago-based private equity group First Analysis expects its $12 million cash infusion into Sonoma Orthopedic Products will be sufficient for the startup to gain FDA clearance for a new ankle implant--as well as to launch it and start to scale up sales.

Roche's bid to sub Kadcyla for Herceptin takes a big hit with lackluster PhIII data

Roche has been charting promising numbers for its standout breast cancer drugs Kadcyla and Perjeta. But now the next-gen duo has failed to beat Herceptin and chemo in a late-stage study, putting a damper on Roche's plan to expand the market for its new drugs and sending its shares into a downward spiral.

UPDATED: Juno banks a $265M IPO, pushing the next big thing in oncology

Seattle's Juno Therapeutics managed to top the already superlative expectations for its Wall Street debut, grossing about $264.6 million and pulling off the Nasdaq's biggest 2014 biotech IPO in the waning days of a huge year.

Aratana Therapeutics starts new canine study; reports good results on another

Pet meds developer Aratana Therapeutics has begun a pivotal field study of a new drug to treat postsurgery pain in dogs and reported positive results from another study for a product it hopes to use for the treatment of osteoarthritis in canines.

Roche scuttles PhIII Alzheimer's study in yet another setback for the field

Yet another big Phase III test of an experimental Alzheimer's drug has flopped. And this time it's Roche's turn to admit defeat.

Biopharma's R&D budgets stay about flat amid global cuts

Thanks to global downsizing, the rapid rise of CROs and mounting pricing pressures, the R&D spends of the world's biggest drug developers remained flat last year, according to a report.

Molecular 'hats' disguise peptides until activated with UV light at a target

Researchers have found a way to sneak peptides past the immune system by fitting them with cages that cover binding sites on the proteins like a hat. These prevent the binding sites from revealing the peptides' true nature as something from the outside.