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Latest Headlines

Novartis, Pfizer and Bristol-Myers hit the gas on R&D last year

Three of the world's largest drugmakers dialed up their R&D budgets in 2014, as Novartis, Pfizer and Bristol-Myers Squibb spent big on costly late-stage programs with hopes of delivering blockbuster new treatments in the coming year.

Obama wants to pour $1.2B into antibiotic R&D

President Barack Obama wants to spend $1.2 billion on the fight against antibiotic-resistant bacteria in the coming fiscal year, nearly doubling the nation's previous efforts.

Samsung engineers testing smartphone app to predict stroke

Samsung has developed a prototype of an app and headset that it says can record and analyze electrical impulses in the brain to quickly determine the chances of a stroke. It's called the Early Detection Sensor & Algorithm Package. The technology is still in its infancy and will need to go undergo trials, among other steps.

Mayo Clinic study finds molecular breast imaging useful for cancer detection in dense breasts

It's notoriously difficult for mammography to detect tumors in dense breast tissue. Now a recent study by the Mayo Clinic has found that adding molecular breast imaging (MBI) can effectively detect more cancers than mammography alone in dense breasts.

PPD beefs up its Irish outpost with a new biologics lab

PPD has amped up the biologics capabilities at its Irish manufacturing operation, opening a new lab devoted to the development of large-molecule treatments.

Covance pools its early-stage R&D services into one offering

Drug developers commonly deal with a host of CROs as they work their way from preclinical testing to first-in-human trials, a process designed to maximize the strengths of each contractor. But a piecemeal approach to early-stage development can lead to costly delays, according to Covance, which is pitching an all-encompassing offering it claims can seamlessly shuttle molecules from animal studies to Phase II.

India's Biocon keeps many irons in the fire, Malaysian plan on schedule

India's Biocon held a busy earnings call on Jan. 23 that highlighted extensive spending on research and keeping several deals rolling, though tight-lipped on a possible license to make Gilead's chronic hepatitis C products and said it will sell a 10% to 15% stake in its research services arm Syngene through an initial public offering.

Report: Merck said to be testing lower dosage Zilmax to revive sales

Merck is financing a $1.85 million study being conducted at Texas Tech University to see if lower dosages of its lucrative but controversial cattle growth drug Zilmax could allow the company to reintroduce the product to U.S. and global markets and kick-start sales.

Harvard engineer taps immunotherapy for insights into nonsurgical pet sterilization

Harvard University engineer David Mooney believes there may be a link between immunotherapy and sterilization. He recently received a $700,000 grant to develop a contraceptive vaccine for pets.

Australian team developing novel formulation to deliver common diabetes drug

Researchers at Curtin University's Biotechnology and Drug Development Research Laboratory in Perth, Australia, are developing a microcapsule formulation that they say improves the drug delivery and absorption of diabetes drugs.