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Latest Headlines

Saline producers face call for FTC probe into shortage, rising prices

In response to U.S. senators who have asked the FTC to look into whether saline producers have used the shortage to unfairly raise prices and push the sales of tubes and pumps, Baxter International and Hospira, two of the key U.S. suppliers of saline, say they have gone to extraordinary effort to deal with the solution shortage that has bedeviled the industry for two years.

Cheap medicines disappearing from China market despite reform efforts

Cheap drugs in the Chinese medical system are a money-losing proposition, and as a result hospitals across the country are reporting shortages of essential medicines used to treat widespread and common complaints, according to a story by the state-owned news agency Xinhua.

Fresenius' Kabi unit prospers on competitors' mistakes

Companies that stumble with their manufacturing can count on a competitor picking up some market share while they are down. Fresenius is trumpeting the fact that it has done just that.

Out of the box FDA says Perjeta faces shortage challenges

Shortages of life-sustaining cancer drugs have become an industry concern but to essentially announce a shortage even as a potential blockbuster drug is being approved for release takes the industry into new territory.

Novartis plant disruptions affect pet treatments

Manufacturing problems and disruptions at Novartis ($NVS) plants in Nebraska and Canada led to shortages that have left an ugly trail of unhappy healthcare providers and consumers.

FDA calls on contractors, India to counter Ben Venue drug shortages

A non-FDA approved drug from India and U.S. contract manufacturers will address cancer drug shortages resulting from production and quality problems at Ben Venue Laboratories ' now notorious Ohio...