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Latest Headlines

Vertex could snag 250 more Kalydeco patients with EMA nod

Back in February, the FDA green-lighted Kalydeco to treat cystic fibrosis in patients with one of 8 distinct gating mutations, dramatically swelling the orphan drug's patient pool.

Vertex, once king of hep C category, bows out as new drugs eclipse Incivek

Biotech Vertex has pulled the plug on work in the hepatitis C arena, an area it was expected to dominate with its Incivek until Gilead Sciences redefined the category with Sovaldi, a drug now expected to become the top seller of all time.

Vertex eyes another $45 million in sales as FDA swells Kalydeco's patient pool

Any drugmaker knows that no matter what a drug's sticker price, its sales can only go as far as its patient pool will take it. So for Vertex, whose cystic fibrosis med Kalydeco had reached nearly all eligible patients in the U.S. and Europe, a new FDA approval to treat more CF sufferers is pretty significant.

Vertex profits on one-time gain despite plummeting Incivek sales

Hepatitis C drugs like Vertex's Incivek are quickly becoming a thing of the past. A new generation of easier-to-tolerate, interferon-free treatments like Gilead's Sovaldi is moving in, and Vertex's fourth-quarter revenues showed it. But a hefty one-time royalty payment helped the company turn a profit, even despite plummeting sales of Incivek--one of just two drugs it currently has on the market.

Vertex's Incivek unseats Celebrex as fastest drug launch ever

A new report starkly illustrates how quickly things can change in the pharma industry, showing how a drug darling becomes a market dud.

Vertex to slash 370 jobs in shift away from hep C drug

What happened? A new wave of hepatitis C treatments, led by Gilead Sciences' sofosbuvir. Heartily backed by an FDA advisory panel Friday, sofosbuvir is first in a class of treatments aimed at shortening hep C treatment, boosting its effectiveness and easing its notorious side effects. The coming all-oral drug cocktails will shut out interferon--and shunt Incivek aside.

Vertex asks FDA to expand market for CF drug Kalydeco

Vertex Pharmaceuticals asked the FDA to approve broader use of its cystic fibrosis drug Kalydeco. Already marketed for patients with a G551 "gateway" mutation, Kalydeco could be approved to treat patients with at least one non-G551 mutation.

Rose-colored glasses off for many of 2012's new drugs, report shows

EvaluatePharma has an antidote to any starry-eyed thinking about new drug launches. According to EP Vantage's new state-of-the-industry report, many of last year's rollouts are already disappointments, at least compared with previous sales projections.

Vertex sales lag as hep C patients pass on Incivek

Vertex Pharmaceuticals ($VRTX) watched its once-high-flying hepatitis C drug go into a nosedive for the fourth quarter. Incivek sales plummeted by 51% to $222.8 million, as fewer new patients elected to start therapy.

Outsourcing in China: Big Pharma wants partners, not just contractors

As Big Pharma looks to tap the burgeoning drug market in China, companies are realizing they can't bulldoze in with U.S.-approved drugs and expect a red carpet. Instead, firms such as Vertex and AstraZeneca's MedImmune are looking to partner up with local expertise to speed their way to capitalization.