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Latest Headlines

FDA shoots down Vertex's latest bid for Kalydeco expansion

Vertex has so far had a lot of success widening the patient pool for orphan drug Kalydeco. But in its latest quest for a label expansion, the FDA has stopped it in its tracks.

Vertex's 2016 outlook falls short amid mixed results from high-profile CF meds

SAN FRANCISCO-- Cystic fibrosis specialist Vertex announced 2015 Kalydeco sales that topped analyst expectations, in advance of a presentation at the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. But that's where the beat ended.

Vertex inks deal to add Genomics' database, algorithms to drug discovery toolkit

Vertex Pharmaceuticals has turned to Genomics to support its attempts to understand the genetic basis of drug targets and diseases. The deal gives Vertex access to an integrated database and analysis tools developed by Genomics, resources it sees advancing its work to validate disease mechanisms.

Vertex sees dealmaking, CF meds as defenses against would-be buyers

Big Biotechs Gilead Sciences and Biogen may both need to make acquisitions soon. But Vertex Pharmaceuticals is determined not to be one of their targets.

CF specialists up in arms about $259K price for new Vertex med Orkambi

Vertex had a pretty good idea that drug pricing critics wouldn't be so keen on its $259,000-per-year tag for cystic fibrosis med Orkambi. And sure enough, less than three weeks after the combo med won the FDA's green light, the pushback is here.

Expecting payer pushback, Vertex to field new CF med Orkambi at $259K

Vertex Pharmaceuticals' long-awaited cystic fibrosis approval is here--and the combo med Orkambi is just as pricey as analysts expected.

U.S. poised to spend $50B on just 10 'breakthrough' meds in 10 years

U.S. payers are striking out at drug spending again, highlighting the cost to taxpayers. According to a commissioned report, 10 hot new "breakthrough" meds are expected to cost publicly funded healthcare plans more than $50 billion over the next decade.

High-profile Huntington's disease film scores on social media, but where was pharma?

HBO premiered an award-winning short documentary about Huntington's disease, a rare, hereditary neurological malady, on Monday night. The film follows actress and filmmaker Marianne Palka as she finds out the results of her genetic test. If someone has a parent with the disease as she did, they have a 50/50 chance of getting the disease. The missing voice? Pharma.

Vertex eyes big revenue boost with FDA panel backing for Orkambi

Vertex Pharmaceuticals wants to expand its cystic fibrosis market tenfold, and on Tuesday, it got one step closer. An FDA advisory committee voted 12 to 1 in favor of a new combo drug Orkambi, which marries current CF star Kalydeco with an experimental med, lumacaftor.

Look out, payers. Vertex's new CF med Orkambi is one step closer to market

Vertex is looking to expand its market for cystic fibrosis drug Kalydeco tenfold, but to do that, it needs the FDA's backing. On Tuesday, it got one step closer, grabbing an advisory committee nod for a new Kalydeco combo.