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Latest Headlines

After Warnex buy, Biotrial jumps into bioanalytics

Now that it has paid about $6.1 million for Warnex's bioanalytics business, France's Biotrial Research is launching an offering all its own.

Warnex closes bioanalytics sale, exits CRO biz

Canada's Warnex has sold off its final business unit, closing a deal that ships its bioanalytical services division to Biotrial Research for about $6.1 million, and now it has to decide whether to liquidate or regroup.

Warnex repays debentures and sells analytical services division

Warnex continues to receive good news as it joins the TSX Venture Exchange, sells one of its divisions and repays its debt to its biggest shareholder.

Warnex catches break in dealing with financial woes

The Canadian CRO gets an extended deadline to repay its debt, while securing a last-minute credit line of $2 million Canadian.