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Latest Headlines

Enteris gets into contract manufacturing with new plant

Enteris BioPharma is looking to make some money on the side of its drug-delivery operation, opening a contract manufacturing facility and scouting for clients.

Catalent beefs up its European network for clinical supplies

Catalent is investing in infrastructure again, spending to flesh out its European network of storage and packaging facilities in response to an increase in demand on the continent.

Australia's Cynata eyes Japan, partnerships after validation of stem-cell manufacturing technology

Australia-based Cynata said it is on track to manufacture mesenchymal stem cells at a commercial scale after validation of its Cymerus MSC manufacturing technology and has an eye on companies in Japan as it seeks partnerships to reach the market.

Indonesia turns to Bio Farma to ramp up vaccines output as health spending soars

Indonesia has long been active in providing vaccines to other developing countries, but now finds itself in a bind and turning to its state-owned and century-old pharmaceutical company, Bio Farma, to solve the nation's own growing need for vaccines.

Aquavit plans R&D, production unit in South Korea incubation hub

Aquavit Life Sciences, a unit of Aquavit Pharmaceuticals of the United States, said it plans to build a research-and-development and production facility in a science and technology incubation center in South Korea.

India's Sun Pharma recalls epilepsy treatment levetiracetam batch over failed dissolution tests

Sun Pharma issued a recall of 3,363 bottles of its levetiracetam extended-release drug for treating epilepsy in the United States after the tablets failed dissolution tests.

Generic, biosimilar revenues look solid in Asia with many Indian firms eyeing innovation

Various recent reports covering the near-term and long-term outlook for the pharmaceutical industry in Asia paint a positive picture with increased revenues coming from the generics and biosimilars industries along with products as specific as human insulin from China.

Lancet study warns virulent malaria strain may spread rapidly in Southeast Asia

A newly published study warns that Southeast Asia could soon see a spread of virulent new strains of drug-resistant malaria that already have spread much faster than experts had expected.

American Chamber survey finds companies less sanguine on China prospects

American businesses, including members of the pharmaceutical industry, appear to be less sanguine about their prospects of doing business or expanding it in China.

India plans to ramp up API output to ease China imports

India drug authorities are working on plans to increase the nation's capacity to produce its own bulk drugs in an effort to reduce its drug industry's dependence on imports, mainly from China.