Personalized Medicine

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Latest Headlines

Obama puts personalized medicine in the spotlight with a primetime pitch

Speaking before a global audience of millions, President Barack Obama threw his support behind the potential of personalized medicine, skimping on details but hinting at a federally funded R&D effort in keeping with the $4.5 billion BRAIN Initiative.

Venrock unveils a $450M new fund with eyes on biotech

Well-heeled venture capital firm Venrock has pieced together a 7th fund, banking $450 million in new investments as it sets out to grow its portfolio of promising startups.

Northwest Bio shoots for dendritic success where others have failed

Bethesda, MD's Northwest Biotherapeutics has watched as rivals Dendreon and ImmunoCellular have run into serious roadblocks with personalized cancer vaccines over the past year, but with a major Phase III study underway, the biotech believes it can change the narrative.

BioLineRx shows effectiveness of leukemia drug in preclinical study

Israel's BioLineRx has unveiled positive preclinical data for its experimental treatment for chronic myeloid leukemia, a progressive blood and bone marrow cancer.

Targeting 'undruggable' cancer mechanism can make chemo more effective, study says

Researchers have found a possible new way to treat cancer by exploiting a biological weakness in the most commonly mutated gene involved in human cancers.

Discovery links genes to excess belly fat

New genes identified by scientists at the University of Louisville in Kentucky may indicate a person's predisposition to excess abdominal fat, which can be an indicator of more serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and cancer.

Industry Voices: Inside Genomics--Q&A with Bina CEO Narges Bani Asadi and Dr. Ralph Snyderman

One of the elements lacking in the personalized medicine discussion today is the perspective of leading clinicians, informaticists and academics working in the field. To remedy the gap, I've asked a series of leaders in the industry to offer up their views.

Researchers find possible drug targets for undruggable melanomas

Researchers at Vanderbilt University have discovered promising drug targets for previously hard-to-treat kinds of melanoma, suggesting that some cancers believed not to have such targets actually do.

1 in 100 cancers associated with gene mutation

Scientists believe that for the first time, they have linked the gene CUX1 to the development of one in every 100 tumors in cancer patients.

Report proposes revamping Alzheimer's R&D

The number of failures in the Alzheimer's drug research field has been piling up disproportionately compared to successes in recent years, and the New York Academy of Sciences is hoping to change that by proposing a more streamlined, efficient path for Alzheimer's drug development.