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Latest Headlines

Startup working on cheap imaging device the size of an iPhone

Entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg's startup company Butterfly Network is working on a new imaging device the size of an iPhone that you will be able to hold up to a person's chest and see real-time, 3-D images of their heart beating.

Advaxis sees encouraging results for immuno-oncology treatment in dogs with bone cancer

Princeton, NJ-based Advaxis has seen such encouraging results in dogs for one of its drug candidates, ADXS-cHER2, that it has embarked on a parallel development program: studying the drug in pediatric osteosarcoma, while partnering with Aratana Therapeutics to move the drug forward in canine osteosarcoma.

Google adds CDC data to Flu Trends model

Google has made the biggest change to its Flu Trends influenza tracking software since it first released the system in 2008. The update incorporates data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in an attempt to improve the accuracy of the model.

Diagnostics companies homing in on rapid mobile tests to quell Ebola outbreak

Amid efforts to counter the deadly Ebola outbreak, researchers and companies are homing in on rapid mobile tests as a more effective way to prevent the disease's spread.

Novartis sets sights on Philly amid a sweeping CAR-T collaboration

Novartis has leased a sizable outpost in the Philadelphia suburbs, according to a local report, settling into the area as it works with University of Pennsylvania researchers on a promising new approach to treating cancer.

Wearable subsidiary formed by Allied Minds based on Columbia University tech

Tech development company Allied Minds entered a licensing agreement with Columbia University to form Seamless Devices.

Novo Nordisk bets another $130M on diabetes R&D with new Danish hub

Novo Nordisk has broken ground on a new R&D shop in its native Denmark, plotting a $130 million project that will expand its wide footprint in diabetes research.

Clarus and Frazier back a 'backyard' biotech team with $26.5M for epigenetics R&D

The band behind FerroKin BioSciences, a pioneer of the virtual biotech model, has gotten back together to take a stab at epigenetics, raising $26.5 million from some A-list investors to develop new treatments for orphan diseases.

Study: Timing of administration an oft-overlooked factor in drug delivery

In addition to being blockbuster drugs, Nexium, the Advair Diskus and Rituxan all have a half-life of less than 6 hours and target circadian genes, meaning that their efficacy could be influenced by the timing of their administration due to the so-called biological/molecular clock, according to University of Pennsylvania researchers.

Bristol-Myers' nivolumab impresses once again--this time in crucial lung cancer study

Bristol-Myers Squibb's closely watched checkpoint inhibitor nivolumab managed to wow analysts this morning with impressive survival results in a Phase II study of patients with advanced squamous cell non-small cell lung cancer. Of all the patients in the drug arm, 41% were alive at the one-year mark, while investigators tracked an overall response rate of 15%.