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Latest Headlines

Vaginal ring achieves localized, sustained release of anti-HIV drugs

A novel intravaginal ring to prevent HIV showed promise in pig-tailed macaque monkeys, demonstrating the benefits of sustained and controlled topical drug delivery over oral intake. 

J&J hands over $25M milestone for daratumumab progress

Jan van de Winkel The Danish biotech Genmab has won a $25 million milestone from its $1.1 billion collaboration deal with Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ) on the CD38 antibody daratumumab. The...

Animal health test company Idexx Laboratories opens $35M addition

Idexx in April reported a significant boost in Q1 revenues, as it heads toward its 2014 goal of nearly $1.5 billion in sales. With that growth has come hiring and to help accommodate the 240 people it has added in the last two years.

UPDATED: Merck's Bravecto, Bayer's Quellin chewables approved for dogs

Bayer HealthCare has scored approval for the first chewable drug approved by the agency for treating osteoarthritis in dogs, a disease that accounts for pain in about 20% of canines older than one year.

The Silicon Valley startups aiming to build Amazon for biotech R&D

When Y Combinator expanded into biotech, the startup incubator was effectively betting on the idea that IT has narrowed the gap between timelines and economics in life sciences and tech. The Wall Street Journal is the latest publication to profile the scene, picking out a batch of companies with similar models and ambitions to those featured by TechCrunch and FierceBiotechIT earlier this year.

Faculty leaders call for Scripps chief to leave over USC merger plan

The staff opposition that greeted news that the Scripps Research Institute is looking into a merger or other type of deal to ease its money worries has escalated over the past few weeks, culminating in an email to the chair of the board of trustees. In the email, Scripps' faculty leaders reportedly call for the removal of President Michael Marletta because they have lost confidence in his leadership.

NIH readies $248M program for electroceuticals

Nature  reports that the NIH will soon unveil a $248 million to develop new 'electroceuticals,' therapeutic implants that can treat disease by stimulating nerves.

Alzheimer's R&D suffers as trial failure rate hits an 'astounding' 99.6%

Jeffrey Cummings is directing one of the few early-stage studies underway on an Alzheimer's therapy. And now that he's scanned the records of, he's acutely aware of just how small his chosen field is.

Muscle cell-powered 'bio-bot' could carry drugs

Self-propelled drug delivery robots offer the type of precise targeting and maneuverability needed to make better treatments. And U.S. engineers have designed a type of robot that's powered by real muscle cells, offering controlled movement via electrical pulses, an innovation that could find its way into the drug delivery arena down the road.

Researchers aim to sneak antibiotics into bacteria via naturally occurring molecule

Researchers are attempting to develop methods of sneaking drugs past bacteria's external defense system by delivering therapies via molecules that bacteria secrete to find and obtain iron.