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Latest Headlines

Regeneron hits the gas on R&D, pouring cash into a blockbuster pipeline

Regeneron has again dialed up its R&D budget, spending more and more on a slew of late-stage assets that promise to line its pockets and an emerging crop of early drugs the Big Biotech believes can beat a path to blockbuster status.

BioDelivery Sciences International to add 80 patients to clinical trial of Clonidine Topical Gel

BioDelivery Sciences International announced today that it will add about 80 patients to its Phase III pivotal trial of Clonidine Topical Gel for the treatment of painful diabetic neuropathy.

Philips, Accenture create brain wave app for immobilized patients

As part of a broader mandate for Philips to make itself more relevant in healthcare, Royal Philips and Accenture have created proof-of-concept software to enable anyone with limited muscle or speech function to better interact with the world around them.

Biodegradable film strip enabling 14 months of drug delivery prototyped by MIT team

A team of MIT researchers successfully tested a thin-film drug delivery system enabling steady, sustained release of medication for about 14 months, a scientific advancement with major commercial implications. 

Takeda preps for 'stringent' R&D as a new boss takes the reins

Christophe Weber, Takeda's anointed next CEO, sees a brighter future through specialization for the Japanese drugmaker, promising to focus only on therapeutic areas where it can lead, leaving behind losing programs.

Japanese researcher found dead amid a swirling stem cell research scandal

One of the authors of a controversial and now-retracted paper purporting a stem cell breakthrough has been found dead in what appears to be a suicide, according to numerous reports, following an investigation that has alarmed researchers and rattled one of Japan's most respected institutions.

Earbuds: The wearable med device of the future? Apple, Intel think so

Several companies are developing wearable biosensors in the form of wristbands, but the co-founder of biosensing technology company Valencell says the ear is the best to place collect vital signs, and giants Intel and Apple have earbud ambitions as well.  

MGC Diagnostics completes Belgian M&A deal with an eye on globalization

Minnesota's MGC Diagnostics has completed its acquisition of a promising Belgian competitor, putting its plan for global expansion in place less than a month after the M&A deal was first announced.

Stentys ditches bare metal stent trial as customers move to drug-eluting versions

Stentys announced that it is discontinuing enrollment of its Apposition V trial for its bare metal stent and focusing its resources and money on its next-generation sirolimus-eluting stent featuring a new delivery catheter.

Capnia IPO to raise $20M to market neonatal hemolysis test

Capnia expects to launch its breath-based device that would make the determination of whether newborn jaundice is a health threat easier and faster. This could potentially cut down the need for infant hospital readmissions due to jaundice.